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Hacking Tinder For Local Knowledge

I’m a single guy and I’m on Tinder, so inevitably when I came to San Francisco I pulled it up to see who was about. Lots of people, that’s who! That’s when in struck me that here in my pocket was access to a near endless stream of local people with local knowledge!

Swipe Right

From this point we just started rigorously swiping right, the goal was to get as many matches as possible, so we could start as many conversations as possible and get as varied a view of the city as possible.

It’s Easy to Talk to Girls When You’re Not Hitting on Them

Unsurprisingly girls are so much more responsive to having a conversation when you’re not hitting on them. The response rate to things like “We’re new in town, where should we go out tonight?” got a much better response rate to any other lame opener.

And this wasn’t a creepy trick to get them to talk to us we were genuinely interested in hearing...

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Hello World

I’ve finally got bored of my Co-founder nagging me to increase my online presence and start blogging. I know I should, for all the reason’s he wants me to, but ultimately I want to do it because I’m not a great writer, I want to be better and I love a challenge.

Some Rules

I’m laying down some guidelines, I don’t think hard and fast rules are ever a good idea, but certainly a framework will help steer me until the process becomes more familiar and natural.

  • Write often: at least once a week
  • Write about anything you want (from time to time)
  • Pick a core theme to offer some consistency and something to fallback on when you’re out of inspiration
  • Publish quickly and with out 3rd party help, I need to get over my fear of publishing stuff that isn’t great, because to start with it won’t be
  • Get readers: my expectations are low on this front but I will need them if I am to…
  • Get honest...

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